Dr. David J. Bishop, Boston University



Cornell University:

              Ph.D., Physics, 1978

              M.S., Physics, 1977

Syracuse University

              B.S., Physics, 1973



Boston University

              Head, Division of Materials Science and Eng., 2011-Present

              Interim Associate Dean for Research and Grad Programs, 2013-2015

              Professor of Physics, 2011-Present

              Professor of Materials Science, 2011-Present

              Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011-Present

Bell Labs/AT&T/Lucent Technologies/Alcatel-Lucent

              Chief Technology Officer, LGS, 2007-2011

              Chief Operating Officer, LGS, 2007-2010

              President, Government Research & Security Solutions, 2006-2007

              Physical Sciences Research VP, 2005-2006

              Nanotechnology Research VP, 2003-2006

President, New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium, 2003-2006

Optical Research VP, 2001-2003

              VP, Optical Networking Group, 2001-2003

              Director, Micromechanics Research, 1998-2001

Department Head, Microstructures Physics Research, 1995-1998

Department Head, Liquid Crystal Physics Research, 1988-1995

Member of the Technical Staff, 1979-1988

              Postdoctoral Member of the Technical Staff, 1978-1979



Nanotechnology; low temperature physics; mechanical properties of materials at low temperatures; MEMS and NEMS; light wave networks; all-optical switching; superconductivity and super fluidity; magnetic vortices in superconductors and their phase transitions; Casimir effect; energy efficient networking; electron coherence effects; cybersecurity.



Fellow of the American Physical Society; Member of the IEEE; Member of the MRS; Phi Beta Kappa, Syracuse University; Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award; Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs; Gold Bell Labs President’s Award, 2001: Bell Labs Team Award: Bell Labs Fellow; Nanotech Briefs Nano50 Innovator Award, 2006; Good Scout Award for leadership in local youth programs; AT&T Affirmative Action Award; American Physical Society’s George E. Pake Prize, 2009.