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SAFE Access File Exchange (SAFE) Instructions FY19

The AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange is an application for securely exchanging files. It is particularly useful for the SAB as it enables secure transfer of sensitive information (e.g. Personally Identifiable Information, For Official Use Only) without requiring the sender to have a DoD Common Access Card (CAC). Anyone can use SAFE to send files to someone with a .mil or .gov email address, however, only users with valid CAC can send files to other addresses such as .com or.edu. All files transferred via SAFE must be UNCLASSIFED and for official US Government related business. Below you will find written instructions for using AMRDEC Safe and, below that, a link to a slide-show tutorial.


Navigate to the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe  and begin by selecting either the “CAC User” or “Non-CAC Users” option.

 The following instructions (and those attached below) will guide users through the “Non-CAC Users” process, immediately following the “Click Here” screen:


1.       At the Personal Information section, Complete the blocks for your name, email address and confirm email address. 


2.       At the File Information section, Click the “Browse…” button, locate your files and double-click to attach/upload. Then, enter a description of the files (Travel Voucher, OGE 450, etc) and send a quick message if you prefer) to the intended recipient.


3.       At the Recipient Information section, Enter the intended email address (Examples: usaf.safaqb.admin.workflow@maiI.mil  or usaf.safaqb.finance.workflow@maiI.mil ) then click the “Add” button.  Following, the email address should now be displayed within the box on the right.


4.       At the Email Settings section, Click on the options you want (recommended: “Notify me when file(s) downloads are COMPLETED”  If selected, the system will email you when the file has been downloaded. Additionally, on the right, Click on “FOUO” and choose from “Protected by the Privacy Act” from the dropdown menu; then click “Upload”.




After you fill out and submit the SAFE information you will receive an email from SAFE with the subject starting with "VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED". This email is not clear about how you go about verifying your email address (we have no control over this).  However, under the words "Your Package has not yet been sent.  You MUST verify your email address in order for your recipients to download the file(s).   



5.       Open the "VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED” email, copy the link to verify that you are the sender of this package (use the attached slide 7 to assist you if needed). Paste the link into a new browser/window.


6.       Following the page being displayed, copy the password that is also provided within the "VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED" email.


                 7.       Paste the password into the password block and Click "Submit".


8.       Following the display of a button that says "Verify", Click Verify. The system should then come back with a notification that indicates, the "Email address verified.  The package has been sent." 


Congratulations! You made it through your first “Non-CAC User” submission, the process will get easier as you perform it more often. Rest assured, the SAB Secretariat is always working hard to provide an alternate, more efficient solution.



SAFE Instructions.pdf