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Fact Sheets

  • Overview of the Scientific Advisory Board

    Value     The Air Force obtains substantial value from having an established and highly recognized Board composed of some of the nation's top experts in science, technology, engineering, and technical program leadership who work without compensation under direct tasking from the Secretary of the Air


     New Technology Options for NC3 ResiliencyTerms of Reference Background America’s Nuclear Triad is undergoing multiple modernization efforts, yet the Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) system still has many elements that date back to the Cold War era.  In a 2014 study the SAB


    Future Air Force Vanguard Selection and Management ProcessesTerms of ReferenceBackgroundAn effective Air Force Science and Technology (S&T) enterprise is essential to enable warfighting capabilities to meet the objectives of the National Defense Strategy. In April 2019 the Air Force released its new


    21st Century Training and Education Technologies (TET) BackgroundThe Air Force uses some virtual technologies to support increased proficiency and readiness in areas, such as large force employment training, pre-deployment certification, and mission rehearsal. Recent commercial-world advances in