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Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, DoD to Collaborate on Devt of Strategy to Address Potential Nuclear Threats

Missile Defense

Missile Defense

The U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board will help the Defense Department develop a strategy to address potential nuclear missile issues brought by its connectivity to the rest of the warfighting system, Nextgov reported Friday.

Patrick Tucker writes Werner J.A. Dahm, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board chair, said nuclear systems such as the LRSO, ICBM and B-21 stealth bomber need to be recapitalized and the advisory board will take on a study in 2017 to support readiness against possible threats.

The report noted that the Board study aims to discover the extent that current certification models for nuclear systems carry over into modern, network-enabled systems and how to reconceptualize certification for systems that will come out of recap programs.

“You have to be able to certify that an adversary can’t take control of that weapon, that the weapon will be able to do what it’s supposed to do when you call on it,” said Dahm.

The service branch’s modernization list will cover the replacement of LGM-30 Minuteman with a new intercontinental ballistic missile which will develop a nuclear-armed cruise missile and deploy a new B-21 stealth bomber.

By Scott Nicholas

Source: http://www.executivegov.com/2017/01/air-force-scientific-advisory-board-dod-to-collaborate-on-devt-of-strategy-to-address-potential-nuclear-threats/