Below you will find a list of Department of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (DAF SAB) studies conducted since 1945. 

Electronic copies of the reports from these DAF SAB studies can be obtained from the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website by clicking on the below link for the given year. If there is no link associated with the study you are interested in, please search the DTIC website directly for the DAF SAB source code (317900), study title, or you may check back here for updated links. Registration on DTIC's website may be required for access to reports, 

SAB Studies

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SAB (1945-1999)


Tech Opts to Leverage Aerospace Power in Other than Conventional War


Building Joint Battlespace InfoSphere


Ensuring Successful Implementation Of Commercial Items In Air Force Systems


Spectrum Management




Space Roadmap for the 21st Century Aerospace Force


Information Management to Support the Warrior


Airborne Laser Scenarios and Concepts


Airborne Laser Propagation


Holloman High Speed Test Track




USAF Expeditionary Forces


Review of the Air Force Test & Evaluation Infrastructure


Global Air Navigation System


Wx Monitoring & Forecast




Joint Modeling & Simulation System




UAV Tech and Combat Operations


Managing the Trans to the Air Force of the 21st Century


Vision of Aerospace Command & Control for the 21st Century


Space Based Lasers & Airborne Lasers COEAs


Low Obs Strat Vision Assessment


Air Force Response to an Environmental Situation




New World Vistas


Space Launch


Space Surveillance, Asteroids & Comets & Space Debris




Technical Feasibility of C-141 Service Life Extension Program


Information Architectures that Enhance Operational Capability in Peacetime and Wartime


Joint Modeling and Simulation Systems


Life Extension and Mission Enhancement for Air Force Aircraft


Options for Theater Air Defense




Aircraft Self-Defense Against Infra-Red Missiles


Global Positioning System Survivability and Denial




Alternative Strategies for Software & Computer Processor Upgrades to Software Intensive Aircraft


Extension of Dormant Munitions Storage Life & Insensitive High Explosive


Offboard Sensors to Support Air Combat Operations


Hypersonic Air-Breathing Vehicle Technologies


Air Force Aircraft Jet Engine Manufacturing & Production Process


Directed-Energy Weapons for Delay & Denial Security Systems


Concepts and Technologies to Support Global Reach-Power




Space Power Technology


Aerospace Applications of Superconductivity


Modeling & Simulation




Air-to-Surface Conventional Munitions


Electronic Combat


Munitions Warhead Effectiveness


Post Deployment Software Support


Technology Options for Defeating Enemy Air Defenses




Requirements for Hypersonic Test Facilities


High Energy Density Matter and Antiproton Technology


Hypervelocity Gun Technology with Emphasis on the Ram Accelerator


Damage Tolerance Assessment


Aircraft Infrastructure - Subsystem and Component Reliability Improvement R&D Needs "F-A-C-T-S"


Medical Aspects of the Integration of Female Pilots Into U-2/TR-1 Aircraft




Integrated Avionics




Space Technology


Solar Flare Hazards to Man-In-Space


Monitoring Underground Nuclear Testing in the Late 1900s


Reliability, Maintainability, and Logistics


Minuteman III Penetration Aids


Biotechnology Readiness for Man-In-Space


Space-Based Radar




Peacekeeper IMU Testing and Production


Airbase Performance


Current and Potential Technology to Protect Air Force Space Missions From Debris


Anti-Tactical Air Communications




Enhanced Non-Nuclear Munition Storage


Slide Presentation on ASAT


Air Force Current and Long-Term Response to Hazardous Material/Waste Issues




Large Rocket Test Facility


Assessment of Air Force Hazardous Materials and Toxic Waste Management


High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse


Enhancement of Special Operations Force


Transatmospheric Vehicle/Military Aerospace Platform


High Power Microwave Systems


Terminal Guidance Technology Options


Space Debris




Development of Prophylactic/Antidote Drugs for Use Against Chemical Agents


Feasibility of AFLC's Network Architecture


Future Strategic Reconnaissance Technologies


Future Environmental Support Requirements for USAF Environmental Technical Applications Center




Letter Report on EF-111A Capability Upgrade


Approaches to Space-Based Missile-Warning Systems


Laser Weapons for Space Applications


Advanced Tactical Fighter Technologies


The Small Missile


Dispersion of Denser-Than-Air-Gases


Engineering and Services Role in the Employment of Air Power




Turbine Engine Monitoring Systems Including Comments About Reliability Centered Maintenance of Engines


The Effects of Jamming on the Communication Links Used in Tactical Air Operations


C3 Aspects of Closely Spaced Basing for the M-X


Application of Advanced Electronics to Air Force Systems


Modeling Techniques to Predict the Impact of Chemical Warfare Agents


The Enhancement of Airlift in Force Projection




Cruise Missile Advanced Propulsion


Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers


Non-Nuclear Armament


Potential New Methods of Detection and Identification of Chemical Warfare Agents


Alternative Radar System




Logistics Technology and Long-Range Planning


Summer Study on SALT, Breakout, and Specific M-X Employment Variables


Special Report on Turbine Engine Monitoring Systems


C-5A Wing Modification Fatigue Test Program


Long-Range Combat Aircraft


USAF Manufacturing Technology Program


Automatic Test Equipment




Report of Joint SAB/NRAC Engine Comparison Study Review


Applications of Heavy Lift Air Vehicles


Wide-Area Anti-Armor Munitions


Human Resources Laboratory


Mini-Remotely Piloted Vehicles


Improved Cloud Forecasting


Turbine Engine Monitoring Systems


Project Heart (Letter Report)


Aeronautics Panel on the Cruise Missile (F107) Engine


Long-Term Effects on Herbicides Containing 2,4,5-T and Associated


AFLCS Long-Range Computer Systems Planning


Proposed MK-12 Nosetip Retrofit


Scientific and Engineering Manpower Shortfalls within the Air Force


Aeronautics Panel Committee on C-5A Structural Information Enhancement Program


Missile Basing Verification in SALT




Imaging Infrared Guidance


Simulation Technology


Defensive Chemical Systems


Effects of a Comprehensive Test Ban


Software Management in the Air Force


Aeronautics Panel Subcommittee on Turbine Engine Monitoring System


Aeronautics Panel Subcommittee on Aeropulsion Systems Test Facility


SAB/ASB Joint Summer Study on Tactical Battlefield Systems


Strategic Issues and the ICBM




Third Report of the C-141 Independent Review Team




B-1 Structures


The Advanced ICBM Technology (M-X) Program


B-1 Aerodynamics


Avionics Acquisition


Defensive Chemical Systems


M-X Warhead/Reentry Vehicle Task


Basic Research


C-5A Structure Information


Terminal Guidance Technology


Aerospace Vehicles Panel


C-141 Independent Review Team


M-X Command and Control, and Communications




Gas Turbine Technology


Turbine Engines


TOA Signal Sorting and Processing Techniques


Electronics Panel Review of DME Data Links


B-1 Structures


Cruise Missile Technology


Advanced Composites Technology


Ad Hoc Technical Assessment Committee On the B-1


Tactical Electronic Warfare


Information Processing Panel Review of the Air Force Multi-Level Security Program






Meteorological Effects on Microwave Propagation


Information Processing Panel On Machine Translation


Committee On B-1 Structures


C-141 Independent Review Team


Electro-Optics Technology


C-141 Independent Review Team Second Interim Report


Electronics Panel on Prioritization of Electron Device Technology


Location, Identification, and Destruction of Surface Targets by Tactical Air Force Under Adverse Weather Conditions




Air Force Human Resources Laboratory


Disposal of Herbicide Orange


Laser Technology


Geophysics Panel Task Group on Tropical Cyclone Forecasts


Electro-Magnetic Pulse Vulnerability of USAF Manned Systems


Aerospace Vehicles Panel Review of the High Reynolds Number Tunnel


Consultation Group on Community College of the Air Force


Committee On B-1 Structures


Committee On B-1 Aerodynamics


Future Air Force Energy Needs- Fuels and Systems


Guidance and Control Panel Review of Aircraft Inertial Systems




Clinical Investigation Progress In the Air Force


Cardiovascular Disease Follow-Up Study


Air Force Simulation Needs


Committee On B-1 Structures


Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment


Letter Report to DCS/R&D From SAB Ad Hoc Committee on Laser Technology


C-5 Advisory Group


Committee On B-1 Aerodynamics


Munitions-Armament Panel Review of Selected Technical Aspects of Tactical Nuclear Warfare


On-Board Test and Recording System


Engine Development


Remotely Piloted Vehicles


Aeromed-Biosciences Panel Review of USAF Overall Health Program


Special Report on the B-1 Program


Guidance and Control Panel All-Weather Terminal Guidance Review


Interim Report of the Aerospace Vehicles Panel on Test Facilities - High Reynolds Number Tunnel


Special Report of the Electronics Panel on Review of the USAD Electronic Warfare Program




Close Air Support Gun System


Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment


Review of the USAF Current Countermeasures


Consulting Group Review on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyroscope


Report of the Applications Subcommittee of the Ad Hoc Committee on Laser Technology


J79 Engine Smoke Reduction Committee Report


Remote Meteorological Sensing Techniques


Air Force Meteorology and Calibration Program


The Air Force and Space


Electronics Panel Informational Briefing


B-1 Structure


Nuclear Panel




Human Resources Laboratory


Space Defense


Biological Effects of Microwaves


RADC's Associate Processor Computing System


Kill Criteria for Nuclear Weapons


Lightning Warning Devices


Warm Fog Dissipation


Lessons Learned from the F111 Structural Experience


Aircraft Technology


Evaluation of Clinical Research Needs in the Air Force


Advanced Composites




Geophysical Effects on Inertial Instruments


Minuteman Operational Based Launches


Reconciling Test & Operational Results


Aerospace Medical Division Technical Plan


Report on Integrated Communication, Navigation and Identification


F-111 (5th Incremental Report)


Propulsion Panel Report


Air Force Sponsored Foreign Research


Hard Target Reentry Vehicle




Maverick Guidance Subsystem


Advanced Logistic System


Air Force Response to Section 203 of the FY70 Military Procurement Authorization Act


Air Force Support of Research


Air Defense (Vol. I, II, & III)




Ionospheric Research


Air Force-University Relationships


The Development of a Radiation Handbook for Operations & Planning for Manned Space Flight


Ad Hoc Committee on the F-111


Electronics Panel On Air-To-Air Radar Look-Down


High Altitude Fuse




Geodesy And Target Location for ICBMs


V/STOL Technology


Aerospace Vehicles Panel


Filamentary Composites


Evaluation of Dynamic Penetration Aids Simulator for Ballistic System


AFSC Red/Blue Team Activities in the Electronic Warfare Area


New Approaches to Undergraduate Pilot Training Warfare


Infiltration Interdiction




Geodetic Instrumentation and Methodology


Minuteman Operational Based Launches


Ionospheric Research


Nuclear Panel on Minuteman Launches from Operational Sites




Ad Hoc Committee on Weapon Retrieval


Assessment of Measured Minuteman Accuracy


MAC/ESD Study on Command Automation


Space Techniques


Air Force Procedures in Support of Sea Operations


Estimation of WS-120A Weapon System Accuracy


Report of the Information Processing Panel of Air Force Career Needs in Information Processing


Psychology and social Sciences Panel Study Entitles "Air Force Personnel and Training Research and Development"


Ballistic Missile Defense Critique Committee




Technical Aspects of Nuclear Test Ban Proposals


Dosimetric Calculations


Project Blue Book Special Report


Report of the Geophysics Panel on Soil Stabilization


Report of the Electronic Panel on Radio Communications


Air-to-Air IFF


Report of the Aerospace Vehicles Panel


Weapon Retrieval


Mountain Busting


Remote Sensing


Avionics Reliability




Optics Education


Aris Instrumentation


Airbreathing Propulsions


Nuclear Panel Report on Minuteman Penetration Aids




Memo of Geophysics Panel on Air Force Solar Observation


Memo Report on Digital Computer Education


Report on Reconnaissance/Intel in Counterinsurgency


Report of the Nuclear Panel on Orion/Helios


Report of Guidance & Control Panel on Inertial Guidance Development and Testing


Report of the Nuclear Panel on Multiple Warheads


Report of the Guidance & Control Panel on Guidance Error Analysis Vehicle


Boron Research


Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (TRIPLTEE)


Report of the Guidance & Control Panel on MIRV


Engineering Geology




Report of the Information Processing Panel


Space Radiation Effects


Titan III Guidance


Memo/Indo Processing on Digital Computer Requirements at AFA


Review of Arctic Research


Report of Nuclear Panel on overland Airborne Radar


Memo/Report of Aerospace Vehicles Panel and Prop Panel on Aerospaceplane


Report of Guidance & Control Panel on Target Signatures


Report of the Nuclear Panel on Air Force Nuclear Weapons Effects Under Treaty




Mathematical Biological Models


Report of the Open Ear Panel


Electronic Warfare Program


In-House Labs


Arms Control Problems




XB-70 Lift to Drag Ratio


Space Related Applied Research


Air Force Space Program


Report of the Nuclear Panel on Project Orion


Nuclear Technology


USAF Bioinstruments and Radiobiology


Report on Strategic Concepts


Mechanical Translation of Languages




Life Science Program


ARDC Wind Tunnel Facility


Project Orion




Human Factors


Radiation Weapon Program


Air Force Utilization of Scientific Resources


Space Surveillance


USSR/NASA Bioastro Program


Penetration Aids for Ballistic Missiles


New Small Weapons Program


Disarmament Implications


Advanced Ballistic Missile Concepts


USSR Atomic Weapons


Manned Space Program


Military Applications of Ionosphere Modernization


Nuclear Panel on Weapons Fabrication


Air Force Structures Applied Research




Sacramento Peak Solar Observation




Report of Aerospace Vehicles Panel on Dynasoar


Joint Meeting W/USAF Surgeon General Medical Research Council


Dynasoar Phase A Review


Report of the Geophysics Panel on arctic research


Guidance & Control Panel on Terminal Guidance (Memo)


Sensors for Space Surveillance


Guidance & Control Panel on Minuteman Guidance System (Memo)


Aerospace Vehicles Panel on Dynasoar (Memo)


Energy Conservation for Space


Summary Report of Space Technology Panel


Nuclear Panel Report on Underground and Space Testing of Nuclear Weapons




Air Defense Systems


Nuclear Weapon Design Under a Test Moratorium


Limited War


Recommendations by Space Technology Panel


Report on ANP


Report of Geophysics Panel on Advanced Airborne Weather


Infrared Countermeasures B-70


Report of Nuclear Panel on Lethal Radius of Nuclear Weapons/Ballistic Missile


Radiation Facility


Report on Structural Fatigue


Evaluate Radio-Biology of the USAF


Nuclear Testing


Report of Reconnaissance Panel on Needs in Reconnaissance Area


Report on US Propulsion Program


Report on Future Weapons




Report on WS 1117-P Progress


Report on High Altitude Testing


Improving Air Force Capabilities Under the Test Moratorium


Report of Guidance & Control Panel on Ballistic Missile Guidance


Nuclear Panel Report on Warheads For Missiles




Advanced Manned Interceptor Fighter


Report on Human Factor Engineering


Nuclear Panel Report on Weapons Kill in Air Defense


Report of Nuclear Panel on Future Nuclear Weapons


Future Production of Fissile Material


Report on Base Hardening


Report of Tell Ad Hoc Committee


Use of Substitute Warhead




Reconnaissance From Satellite Vehicles


Report on MB-1 Rocket Follow-On


Ballistic Missile Defense Report


Report on Nuclear Panel on USAF Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program


Report of Explosives & Armament Panel on Lead Collision Fire Control System


Report of the Nuclear Panel on Plutonium Contamination Hazards


Report of the Nuclear Panel on High Altitude Weapons Effects


Report on Fuels & Propulsion




Report of Aircraft Panel on Successor to B-52 Weapons System


Report of Aircraft Panel on Boundary Layer Control


Report of Nuclear Panel on Tactical Uses of Atomic Weapons


Nuclear Panel on Ding Dong Program




First Step in Using Artificial Satellites


Nuclear Missile Propulsion


Preliminary Reports of Panels On New Horizons




Explosive and Armament Report


Infrared Research and Development Program


Report of Electronics Countermeasures Committee


Report of the Aircraft Panel


Mission to European Research Lab


Project Atlas


Report of the Geophysical Research Panel


Report of the Aeromedical Panel




Report of Explosives & Armament Panel R. Kent


USAF Armament Activities


Special Working Group Report L Ridenour


Report of Aircraft Panel on Strategic Bombing System L. Root


Report of Fuels and Propulsion Panel


Joint Turbo Prop Report




Explosives and Armament Panel R Kent


Fuels and Propulsion Panel


Special Committee on AEDC Operations


Progress Reports on the Air Defense Systems Engineering Committee


Recommendations of Air Force Guided Missiles Program


Medical R&D In the USAF W. R. Lovelace


Electronic & Control System Proposals for 1954 Intercept G Valley




Report of Conference on Censorship of Jet Propulsion Material

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